Friday, May 15, 2015

Gearing Up For A Huge Project

Hubby has gone back to school to work towards a master's degree. Wasn't sure if I had mentioned this before or not. I bring it up now only to say that he just finished up for the semester and will have a few weeks off before his summer class begins. That means we have a few weeks to get as much painting done as possible.


This project feels overwhelming. Our main living space has vaulted ceilings so we'll need to use the ladder on almost all of the walls. 

You'll have to excuse the mess. All of our project supplies are hanging out on the floor, ready for use this weekend.

I've already painted the lower nook, where the rabbit resides.
Before we can even begin painting we will need to sand and dust off the walls (thanks to more sloppy workmanship from our builder); climbing up, sanding what our arms can reach, climbing down, moving the ladder over a couple feet, adjusting the height of the ladder and climbing back up. We'll have to do this hundreds of times before we even start the painting. Then it will a matter of climbing up and trying to edge along the ceiling. 

I can't bear the thought of tackling this whole space so I divided the walls into what I think are doable weekend projects for us. Assuming I can manage my migraines during the weekends. There is only one space that vexes me - this strange shelf space above the rabbit's nook.

I've referred to the pictures we took during construction and discovered there is some wood structure under the drywall shelf but I'm not convinced it has the strength of hold a person - even a person as light as me. I figure our best bet is to buy some ply wood to place on the shelf to distribute the weight but I'm still nervous about getting up there and standing on a chair to do the detail around the ceiling. 

Of course, before we can even start on the walls we have to paint the ceiling. The idiots who installed the drywall on the ceiling didn't do a good job. Every seam was visible so they came out to fix it as part of our guarantee on the house. Unfortunately they refused to paint after (that's a whole separate issue). 

Our ceilings are NOT actually blue. Darn white balance was off on the camera.
But you can still see the streaks of mud that need painting.
So this weekend we are going to paint the mud streaks on the living room and kitchen ceilings. Hubby will have to do most of the actual ceiling painting but the prep work is a two person job as furniture needs to be moved and all the floors needs to be covered.

I know this will take much longer than hubby's break between classes but I think we can get it done by the end of the summer. At least that's the goal. I'll keep you posted.


  1. good luck with the projects!!!! how awful! I don't know how anyone can do half done jobs and be proud of their work these days! that is terrible!