Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Best Laid Plans Are No Match For Chronic Pain

This is my husband's final week off before fall semester starts up. With only two short weeks between the summer session and the fall semester, we've been busy trying to get some stuff done. We had a long to-do-list for his break, longer than usual because he is taking 2 classes this fall instead of 1. 

The 2 big things on that list were, finish our Christmas card photo (we do an elaborate theme based photo every year) and finish painting the living space. 

Unfortunately, we lost most of last week to exhaustion and some pretty severe pain. We have a family function on Saturday and none of the small items on the to-do-list are done. Since this weeks is quickly slipping away, I'm starting to feel the crunch. The Christmas card will be mostly done but we still have 2 weekends worth of work to do on the painting, which obviously won't get done. 

When you live with chronic pain, plans are nothing more than hopeful wishes for what you want to do. I can work hard to arrange my schedule and be as prepared as possible but, ultimately, I never know how I'm going to feel, what craziness my body will put me through and what I'm actually going to be able to do. Just one of the many frustrating challenges we have to deal with. 

I had planned to get the painting done last spring. Then I planned to get it done this summer. Now the plan is to get it done before I put up Christmas decorations in November. But then I start thinking about all the things I had hoped to get done this fall and wonder. We'll see. 

I'm working hard to not let this frustrate me. After all, things are still getting done and we are always moving forward. Does it really matter if it's not happening at the pace I want it to? I don't believe so. Isn't it more important that we are supporting each other and finding moments to laugh and love? I do believe so. Eventually, it will all get done. 

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  1. I can only survive based on prioritization. The list is always ordered, and of course with my health stuff always changing. Though keeping the most important things at the top of the list, and not getting too stressed about the rest helps most days.