Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Wish My Doctor was as Good as my Dog's Vet

I wish my doctor was as good as the vet our dog Gypsy goes to.

The whole practice is fairly small with only 2 full-time vets and 1 part-time, plus several techs. As much as we try to be consistent and see the same vet every time, when an urgent need arises we see whoever is available. That has happened enough that all 3 vets have now treated her. To my amazement, it actually doesn't matter which vet we see because the service provided is always excellent, patient, gentle, thorough and professional.

And it's not like Gypsy is a dream patient. Quite the opposite. She screams and poops and must be muzzled before anyone else can safely touch her. Yet every single person in that office treats both of us with kindness and respect. They all know what they are doing and they all do it with a great attitude - every single time.

Lucky Dog!
Most of the time, when I go to any doctor's office the staff often seems stressed out and slightly annoyed that they have to deal with me at all. I've encountered a few offices over the years and through my travels with wonderful staff, but they are not common.

Whenever something small comes up and I just want to talk to the vet I can call the office and know that the vet will call me back that same day so we can discuss what's happening. She really takes the time to listen, think, sometimes do research and explain everything to me. Then she will give me advice and direct me to a solution. On top of all that, she will call back to follow up and see how things went after a few weeks. That's the vet calling back. All of this at no charge.

If I was to call my doctor's office and say I wanted to just ask my doctor a question, I would be told to make an appointment. Even if I didn't need to be seen or examined I would never be allowed to talk to the doc without coming in and paying money. And even when I come in the doc never has the time to really sit down and listen to me or think about my specific situation. They certainly never explain anything, or do research, or follow up to see how things went.

I cherish the wonderful relationship we have with the entire vet practice Gypsy goes to. We all have a common goal (the health and wellness of Gypsy) and we have developed a great partnership to achieve that goal. All of us recognizing and respecting the role we each play. Isn't that what we should have with our doctors?

Whatever it should be, it certainly never measures up to the level of service and care my dog is getting at our vet's office. I'm actually jealous.

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