Friday, March 4, 2016

Trapped by my Prescription Drug Coverage

I'm feeling so trapped by my prescription drug coverage. Our insurance is through my husband's work and the medical coverage is relatively good but we have Optum Rx for our prescription plan. They both administer the plan and provide the drugs through the mail. We are required to get all of our ongoing medications through the mail and because of this, I have no choices.

They are not helpful, they are not flexible, they are clearly cutting corners to save money, there is no care about customer service, there is even less care for quality products and helping address my medical needs, trying to solve problems is nearly impossible and lots of problem come up.

I'm so frustrated and so tired of the constant fight to get the medications I need.

I long for the days when I actually had choices and managing my prescriptions was so much easier.

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  1. Me, too! I have OptumRx and am at my wit's end with them... but, with no where to go. I've tried to appeal to get more triptans - 4/month is NOT ok! It's a nightmare!