Friday, February 19, 2010


I'm overwhelmed today. I'm about a month out from surgery now and the incisions have healed over. For the past four years, as I've been quite wrapped up in dealing with my migraines, my endometriosis has been ravaging my insides. Now it is proving to be a rather large distraction from and complication to all this pain in my head. Just what I needed, right?

It seems the endometriosis invaded my right ovary, growing inside it and ultimately stretching it beyond it's capacity. There is sat, leaking aged blood into my pelvic cavity. So now, after having the 6 cm mass removed and learning just how extensive the condition has become I am gearing up to deal with the next step - treatment. Here is where I'm stuck, quite overwhelmed.

The treatment options preclude kids, but not treating precludes kids, but I'm also still dealing with the migraine stuff. Symptoms are getting confused now. All I know is that I don't feel well and I'm overwhelmed.

I'm hanging onto the knowledge that some day in the near future (maybe even tomorrow) I will move beyond this feeling and into the more pragmatic option consideration.

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