Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Super Husband

I've been bad about attending to my new blog for just over a week now. Something came up rather suddenly that required my full attention and knocked me out of my usual computer time. A few days out from surgery now I'm finally able to get back online, but am not quite ready to share the details of what happened and what it all means. To my surprise, talking about it significantly increases my pain. Don't worry I'll go ahead and share in a couple weeks, or whenever I get to feeling better.

Right now I just want to talk about what a saint my husband has been. I've been rather high maintenance these past few days. He has had to help usher me in and out of surgery, the ER, the dr.'s office and all around the house. He has to help me get up, and lay down. He has cooked for me and done all the dishes. He has helped me get dressed and undressed. He has helped me put lotion on the many parts of my body that it hurts to reach for. And most impressively, he has helped me do things that are normally quite private. He has gotten a glimpse into the secret world of women and has not run the other direction.

As a young woman there are things that I just never really planned on sharing with my husband. Don't misunderstand, I'm not keeping things from him. He knows I do these things like go to the gynecologist but he doesn't participate and doesn't really know what goes on there. There has been no time and no room for these polite "secrets" and we have found ourselves sharing in ways I never could have anticipated. Despite being in a good deal of pain I appreciate the new level of intimacy my husband I have achieved through this ordeal. He has literally been my lifeline. And I love him so very much!

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