Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Head Scratcher

I've been seriously considering starting a food blog. I'm having so much fun trying new recipes and altering ones I already have to be healthier and more based in whole unprocessed foods. Part of me wants to talk more and more about food, health, and saving money but part of me thinks that maybe this is not something you ladies are looking for when you read my blog. I can't help but wonder if I spend too much time here talking about food and such here. But this kind of thing occupies a good amount of my brain during the day. Perhaps the thing to do is just start another blog...

If I do that then I would want to open it up to my family and friends, which means I could use my real name. You see, I'm doing this blog anonymously so that I can feel totaly free to be brutally honest about what I'm going through without having these struggles tied to my name if/when I start feeling better and need to find work. I also don't want my friends and family to know all the gorey details. They all know some of what I go through (my husband knows the most) but some of this I don't want to have to rehash with everyone. You ladies understand, right?

This blog is for me to share with and get support from others like me or curious strangers. That's the only way I can do this. If I were to start another blog I would want to connect the migraine blog with the health/food/frugle blog but not vice versa. I don't want my friends and family to connect to the migraine blog. But then if the migraine blog is connected to it and thus connected to my name then again potential employers could potentially figure it out anyway.

I don't know, maybe I could do both blogs and not use my real name with either blog, and/or just not have this one connected to the other one. It's a real head scratcher.

What do you ladies think? Do I talk about food, health, saving money too much? Would any of you like me to seperate it out into another blog? Am I even making sense here?


  1. Hi Migrainista. My preference would be for you to include food blogs here. It would add to the blog!I am so interested in food, but I try to avoid following more and more blogs. It would inspire your CI readers about foods, and foodie followers would understand about CI and both groups would get a more wholistic sense of you!

  2. I totally do not mind you talking about food, health, and saving money. We all think it and try to do it daily, and it's awesome for you to share. If you want to start another blog, I can tell you it is rewarding in a whole different way. I think my bubbly/fun side comes out when I blog about my shell jewelry, and the beach. I think it's cool to see more of your personality. Use your name, or don't. If future employers saw it, and fired you over it, that's a health discrimination right there. I say go for it! Blog about food! Either on here, or an all new it!
    Hugs <3

  3. Perfect sense! Some people "come out" with their real identities on their blogs, some don't. I have real relatives and friends who read my blog and know me and some of you don't. No one at work knows I keep a blog. I don't use my name simply because my alter ego is a lot more amusing than I am and I have work clients etc that maybe shouldn't know quite so much about my myriad illnesses.

    I would love to subscribe to your food blog if you start one, OR just blog about it more here! Either way if I get recipes I will be happy!

  4. I have no idea what you should do, but I'll probably read it, either here or in another blog. :)

  5. Brutally honest opinion here???

    Why the need to be anonymous anyway? At first I was quiet about all I go through on a day to day basis...but I just don't care anymore. It's my life. And my battle...nor is it my fault so why keep it a secret?

    Now as an RN...I was skeptical about speaking about some of my meds. One of which I have still noted fully disclosed...but it starts with a big "O". That being said...I changed my mind. I do not medicate at work and I completely professional and respected as a nurse by both my peers and drs. I am confident in the care I give and give 1000 % of myself while at work. Because of that...I do suffer greatly...increasing the need to medicate on my days off.

    I personally think all my "secret" friends should show your faces and say fuck you to those that don't support you!

    I also think you should use your blog in any and every way you want. I write about pain, work, my kids, etc...etc...

    I would love to see you and read all about your saving money tips and healthy eating!

  6. Oh...and sorry bout dropping the f-bomb on your blog! =)-

  7. Popular opinion seems to support a more wholistic approach to this blog by including food and finance topics whenever. I actually feel kind of relieved to see that. Sometimes my tendency is to compartmentalize (which occasionally is a good thing)but we are whole people and compartmentalizing can impede me.

    Jessica, don't worry about your f-bomb :) I so admire you and the many others who blog about their struggles with chronic pain with their real names. I just know that I would edit myself if I knew my mom or my cousins were reading all of this or if I thought a potential employer was going to read. Even if it's all in my head, it would change my approach.

  8. I get that! I don't exactly make it known to girls at work and my personal friends and family that I even have a blog. Some know...some don't. But I don't advertise....hence the reason I don't get a bazillion followers and/or comments. I am happy with the few blogger friends I have made though. I so wish we could all meet in real life someday! Some of you know more about me than the people in my everyday life.

    My grandmother reads my post I wrote was about my sex life with Jesse and how pain has altered it. She emailed me to tell me to delete the post and that I should'nt share intimate details. I told her...if she didn't like what I wrote...not to read it! In the end though I did delete the post. Maybe it was TMI. However, I think sex is a huge struggle when faced with chronic pain and us women should feel free to talk about it...out loud! There may be another post in the near future about that subject! Maybe just dialed down a little.

  9. Wouldn't it be great if we could all meet and be able to support each other in person...sigh.

    I loved that post you did about sex. I totally agree that we should be having these discussions and this is a great place to be having them. I hope you do more posts like that and I'm going to make an effort to do so as well.