Monday, February 28, 2011

Time For Distractions

I've had a rough few days here with a migraine that I just haven't been able to get on top of. It made me glad that I hadn't taken many rescue meds earlier in the month so I was able to take 4 over the past 4 days. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to make it through today with just the Ibuprofen as I come out of the worst of my period.

I was up early this morning to get my husband to the airport. He is headed to St Louis for a second interview and to scout out rentals in case he gets an offer. We are very encouraged by this 2nd interview that they have flown him out for. He is being more cautious in his optimism than I am, probably because he is the one being interviewed. But I am so hoping that this will be our ticket back home to the Mid-West. We had sort of begun to lose hope when the first part of their interviewing process took 2 weeks longer than they had predicted, but now with things back on track I'm getting excited again about the possibility of a move in our near future.

All of this is totally out of my control so I'm doing my best here to just go with the flow. I'm bracing myself while we wait for the final verdict about the job, going through all the motions of my household duties. All the while thinking to myself and making plans for how I will attack the job of packing up and cleaning for the move. You could say that I'm going with the flow on the outside, but inside I'm all hopes and nerves.

Time for some distractions, I think. Let's see. I have some great things on Netflix I can watch. I've started a new book that is very engaging. There is some cleaning I can do...maybe some deep breathing. I'll spend lots of time giving our dog extra attention. She gets so sad when her pack isn't all together. It won't sink in for her until he doesn't come home tonight as usual. She'll start waiting for him around 5:30 and will keep a vigil at the door for about 3 or 4 hours before she'll start clinging to me, hoping to convince me not to leave her too.

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  1. Sorry you have been having such bad migraines. So glad you had some meds left!

    A second interview sounds very promising, my fingers and toes are crossed!

    Our dogs do the same thing when one of us is gone. They just mope around missing the one who isn't home. Happy cuddling, reading, and watching movies. He'll be back before you know it.

    Hugs, Della