Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Disturbing News

If you happened to catch the CBS Evening News last night you may have also caught the disturbing news that social security disability benefits are expected to dry up by the year 2016. Right around the corner.

Despite my efforts to put this out of my mind and focus my attention on the factors in my life I have some control over, worry has crept in. After all 2016 isn't far off assuming the world doesn't come to an end on Dec 21st. The prospect is worrisome for me directly but also for many many others. Can you imagine a world without any safety nets?

This is a big issue, one that I will be paying close attention to in the upcoming election. The question is, will anyone in power being doing the same?


  1. that is very disturbing news as I am dependent upon disability benefits. Ugh. Why do they always want to cut social security and disability benefits first?


  2. That is disturbing news. What will people do who have no family to help support them? This isn't only scary, but sad as well.