Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Surprise

Have you ever had a Kinder Egg? They are wonderful little gems. It is a hollow milk chocolate egg, with a lining of white chocolate. Inside the chocolate layers is a plastic egg and inside that is a toy. The chocolate is nothing special but the surprise toy inside is a real treasure.

Often these toys required some assembly and some even had moving parts. Once you put them together you were always surprised that a toy that size came out of the small plastic egg.

Over the years since I was first introduced to them they have delighted me. I always had some on hand for when I was having a particularly difficult day because I knew they would delight me.

Unfortunately, the FDA has banned these here in the US so it has been a few years since I've had one. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw the following, suspiciously similar product at the grocery store this week:

The Choco Treasure is the same size, the same concept, even has similar packaging with the multi-colored writing.

The execution is slightly different as the plastic egg slightly larger.

The toy in this particular egg was quite disappointing - a sheet of stickers - not exactly bringing a smile to my face. I'll buy a few more with the hopes that the toys are better in other eggs. It's a fun prospect - to maybe have a version of the Kinder Egg for me to be delighted with on a bad day.

Have you ever had a Kinder Egg or one of these new Choco Treasures?


  1. I haven't ever seen one...the kinder egg or the choco treasure. Darn, my kids really missed out.
    They are cool! choco treasure better step it up and give you a fun toy! I need to find some for the grandkids!

  2. Kinder Eggs have had little Winnie Pooh in costume for several years now. My best family is from Italy and often comes home with Eggs from their annual vacation. More than one Pooh has dangled off my purse and keychain in the last ten years.