Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Hostess

Looks like my husband and I will be hosting Christmas day festivities at our place this year. The head count will be 9, which isn't a crazy number. It'll be his parents, his sister and her husband, his cousin and her husband and daughter, then us.

As a HUGE fan of Christmas I'm excited at the opportunity to share our take on the holiday and all our decorations. As a migrainista the whole idea of hosting a Christmas party is terrifying on several levels. What if I don't feel good that day? What if my rescue meds don't help? What if I don't feel good enough between now and then to properly prepare? What if our guests are disappointed by our party?

I'm repeating my new mantra over and over in my head: perfection is NOT happiness, perfection is NOT happiness, perfection is NOT happiness. With that frame of mind I see how silly those worries are. These folks are my family and they know about my migraines. They are going to help out as much as I need. I just need to communicate with them.

With just two weeks to go, planning is going to be the key. With a solid plan in place I'm certain, no matter what is going on with me, our guests will be well fed and enjoy their Christmas day.

Have you ever hosted a party with your pain? How did it go? What did you learn? Any advice?


  1. Yes I have hosted a dinner with pain. I had a lot of help though. I had a good plan before hand and my family would do some of the hard work. It was exhausting and I did have to go and lay down for about 2 hours since I was so exhausted. No one seemed to be upset that I had to go and lie down so that was good. They just looked at it as something that I had to do. They were low key about, which is exactly what I wanted. Like you said, perfection is not happiness and the important thing for that day is the time spent together. That is what people will remember.


  2. You are going to be a fabulous hostess! Your family will help with anything needed. The good thing about having it at your place is you can lie down if needed. Your hubby can help you start preparing the weekend before, as Christmas is on a Tues. this year.

    What have I learned????

    Let Others Help!!!