Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hot Holiday

It's been downright warm here the past 5 days. I've even had turn the air conditioner back on. As much as I enjoy moderate temps I want the cool air back for the holidays. All this warm air just dampens my holiday spirit and takes all the fun out of Holiday baking. I don't want to be sweating in my short sleeves and sandals as I prepare for Christmas.

Worst of all, the ups and downs take a real toll on my migraines. I'm spending way too much time bogged down in pain, fatigue and brain fog here in the middle of this long run of migraines. Still, I'm sure it'll cool down again before long and the holiday spirit will again come alive in me. In the meantime I'll hang on the couch more, distracting myself with end-of-the-world programming courtesy of the History Channel.


  1. I'm actually really enjoying the near 80 and over 80 degree temps here :) The mornings are still cool, which has me aching until it warms up.

    Sorry for your poor head :( I hope your weather is too your liking soon so you can enjoy the holidays!

  2. It has been warmer here too in Michigan and rainy a bit. I do hope that the holiday spirit will be in you. Several of my wonderful students came and decorated the house for me. The tree is simply beautiful and so is the dining room.