Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thank You Thursday

Dear Christmas Decorations,

Thank you for making home feel all the more cozy and warm. Pain is still very present and my days are being spent much the same as before, but now I get to go through it all while looking at the festive wonderfulness of the tree, wreath, garland and nick-knacks. My baking is even enhanced by Christmas music playing in the background. I especially appreciate how you take up a space in the dining room I otherwise have no idea what to do with.

Now if only I could find a way to capture it on film. Since that doesn't seem to be happening I will just have to sit and drink it in as much as I can between now and January when you will have to all come down.

Dear Migraines,

Thank you for ruining yet another week. You always find a way to remind me that my life isn't normal. Take me down a peg, if you will. You try so hard to make me believe you will never leave me. You hang on so tight, keep me so close. Then, you start to loosen your grip for a day, sometimes two. And just when I start feeling downright upbeat, you pull me close again. You reassure me of our strong bond and smother me with your affections.

You've ruined so many of my week, this is just one of them.


  1. You are so brave and strong to deal with these horrid migraines, and still find something to delight in :) I really admire you!

    1. You are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much!

  2. I have a really bad headache today. It isn't so bad right now, but it was earlier and I expect it to be again later. I haven't put up my decorations yet nor have i made any cookies yet. I hope this weekend will be a good one for you!!!!


    1. I'm so sorry you are having a tough day Heather. Hope that today will be better for you so you can enjoy your weekend.