Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thank You Thursday

Dear Lush,

Thank you for making such wonderful products. I can't necessarily afford a buy much of them since they are all hand made from natural ingredients but sometimes I'll grab a little something for a special treat or receive you as a gift. Your products are a special luxury and often make me smile to use. I especially love the shampoo bars and hand lotions.

Part of me wishes you were more readily available and at a price point that was more accessible. However, I'm well aware that in order to do that you would have to be mass produced and made with cheaper ingredients, which would defeat the very thing that makes you so special. Besides, there is something nice about a luxurious treat and that is what you are to me.

Dear Oddities,

Thank you for being so delightful. After Netflix recently made you available to watch instantly I started watching. What a wonderful surprise. You are like an odder, slightly darker version of Pawn Stars. I hadn't even heard of the Science channel and I certainly hadn't been watching it. But there you are. All odd, interesting and full of surprises. I hope more people learn of you and you are on for years to come.

Dear Migraines,

Thanks for putting a real damper on my Halloween last night. I was so excited about snuggling with hubby and watching TV and even though I still did those things, it wasn't quite the same with you there. You may not realize this, but you're a third wheel and you wore out your welcome years ago.

 Can't you just let me enjoy the plans that I make once in a while? I think that's a reasonable request.


  1. What is this LUSH of which you speak??? I must find some and check it out!

    I haven't heard of Oddities, either...have to check that out on Netflix on the Roku.

    Sorry your migraine made you have a $#!++% night.

    1. Lush is a fantastic brand of natural beauty products. They can be hard to find - I think for the most part they are only in larger metro areas. I've seen then in Minneapolis, Chicago, DC and St Louis. They have stand alone stores and can also be found inside big department stores like Macy's and Nordstroms. But you can also find them online. Great products if you can find them.

  2. it is a reasonable request. I just wish we could go on vacations from our chronic illnesses!


    1. I thought so too. Wouldn't that be great - a pain vacation :)