Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Very Migraine Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

I'm a big fan of Halloween. I love the colors, costumes, decorations, candy and even the scare factors. We don't have kids so we don't go out and do the whole trick-or-treat thing. Then again, that was always my least favorite part of Halloween. Growing up in Minnesota it was ALWAYS super cold by the end of October and usually raining, sleeting or snowing on the day. It almost didn't matter what you dressed up as because you ended up covering up with coats and such. But inside it was all kinds of fun.

These days my Halloween celebrations are much more low key. I like to decorate a bit and snuggle with hubby while watching scary shows or movies. My favorite Halloween flick is Edward Sissorhands. I guess it's not really a Halloween flick but it's what I like to watch this time of year. I've actually been celebrating most of October. We carved a fake pumpkin and watched all kinds of shows about ghosts, vampires and the history of Halloween. We don't hand out candy because our dog will just bark the whole time and frankly my head can't take that.

The only thing I miss is dressing up. I loved dressing up. And I'm not talking about the sexy costumes women are expected to wear these days. I'm talking actual characters or scary make-up and such. It's fun to pretend for an evening. Even if I had an adult party to dress up for the process of getting ready would wear me out. The party would be more than my head could handle. It might be worth doing once or twice. Maybe someday I'll have a reason to dress up again.

Do your migraines or other pain conditions impact how you celebrate or don't celebrate Halloween?


  1. I'd love to have a costume party one year. They are so much fun, but it has been years since I've done anything for Halloween. LOVE Edward Scissorhands!

  2. I don't usually pass out candy because I can't stand for 2 hours and also it is usually too cold to sit outside. My mother loved passing out candy for halloween. I usually have to celebrate the holidays very low key. I have several students who love decorating for Christmas so they come and do my house. They are the sweetest girls ever.