Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thank You Thursday

Dear Me,

Thank you for standing up for yourself and not feeling a bit bad about it. Something has begun to switch inside me and I'm suddenly feeling empowered. Increasingly I'm unwilling to be pushed into doing something I don't want to or feel up to just to be polite. Suddenly being kind to myself is a higher priority and, this is the biggest part, I don't feel guilty about it.

For years I've been hearing that women tend to come into their own as they age. It just takes years to unlearn the gender etiquette and such that we are brought up with. I guess, for me, 34 years of age is when this process has begun. I'm so thankful, grateful and excited about these changes in me.

Dear Cardinals,

Thank you for bringing it during the post season. I'm not exactly a big baseball fan and certainly don't watch many of the Cardinal games during the regular season. Let's face it, the games go on way too long and so little of the time is actually play action. But come post season suddenly you guys are playing with a little magic and charisma, which makes watching your games with husband (the big Cards fan) palatable and even a little enjoyable.

You may not win the World Series again this year, or even make it that far. But you have made the October road an interesting one. I really do appreciate it.

Dear Mad Men,

Thank you for finally coming out on DVD. I can hardly wait to get all caught up on season 5 so I can watch season 6 on AMC when they are finally ready. I can't get enough of you. My only real complaint is that we have to wait so long between seasons.

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