Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thank You Thursday

Dear Dryer,

Thank you for breaking down a mere 3 months after being purchased. While waiting to see if the receipt can be located, laundry must go on. With only enough room in the condo to hang one load at a time, only one load can be done a day. Once dry they are wrinkled and stiff, despite the fabric softener.

Hopefully that receipt can be found this weekend and we can get someone out next week to repair it free of charge. After all, a 3 month old machine should not be breaking down.

Dear Color,

Thank you for your transformative powers. No matter if you are on a wall, furniture, pillow, blanket, or other decorative item you can really change the mood in a room. Even better you can change yourself when paired with other colors. You can be muted and subtle. You can be intense and loud. You can be calm. You can be fun.

If only you could make my pain go away...

Dear Nail Clippers,

Thank you for making nail trimming so much easier. It may sound trivial but I honestly don't know what people did before nail clippers. My nails grow so fast and even though I hate clipping them I'm always glad that I can just clip and file them, instead of...what? I can't imagine.

Thankfully we have nail clippers.


  1. I think I would be saying damn dryer instead of dear dryer lol. So sorry you have stiff clothes. I remember doing this a few times in my life :(

    I second that about color and nail clippers! Color makes me happy, and when my nails start chipping and breaking clipping them is the only thing to do. I can't stand jagged nails.

    1. I'm with you - can't stand jagged nails.

  2. OH NO!! How did you pay for your dryer? With a credit card! Depending on what credit card, can you go online and get details on that statement for the amt and go to the dept store w/a copy of that statement as proof of purchase? We usually use our Discover Card and have had to do that a few times w/good sucess. Where did you buy it and what brand. Where you got it also should have record of your purchase also if you used your credit card. We sometimes use Sears, Lowe's or Menard's and at Menard's they have at the front entrance a machine if you know what month you bought it and a Menards card you can print your own receipt-we still use Discover card for our purchases it's just the Menards card you get rebates and such it's not a credit card. Just an idea.

    I love the soothing blues. My bedroom and master bathroom are a dark to med soothing blue. My sanctuary.

    And the best inventions are the simple ones-nail clippers, tweezers, q-tips, cotton balls, kleenex-boxes of kleenex, and ice packs. What would we ever do without ice packs. I have a slew of them.

    1. We actually didn't buy the dryer - my husband's dad did. Trickier. Thankfully he did find it and I'll be able to make the call today.