Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thank You Thursday

Dear Antique Mall,

Thank you so much for every one of your 50,000 sq. ft. just one exit down from our condo. Even though I only had a few minutes to walk around earlier this week I happened upon a real gem - this mirror for just $27. Okay so it wasn't an antique, who cares. It's beautiful and affordable. I totally wasn't planning to buy anything, just walk around and check it out. But there it was.

And there you are - so close to home. I can head down any day and just walk around, taking in all the wonderful old stuff. It's like going to a museum, only you get to touch everything. It's been far too long since I've lived near a cool antique mall. I can't believe I didn't stop in sooner.

Dear Brain Fog,

Thanks for making writing so difficult. Without you I might be able to actually put together some thoughts. You are forcing me to wrap up early because you have decided to shut down.

Yeah, thanks.


  1. Great mirror! Very cool that a place you like to browse is so close to you. I like looking at old stuff, too.

    Pfffft...brain fog. What a nuisance, huh?

  2. Beautiful mirror, even more lovely seen through MY brain fog which at first read Dear Brian Frog!! Thinking that CAD!!! Why is he making Migranista's life so difficult!!! Glad or sad not sure which it is just the normal headache head. sigh.