Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Annoyances

As much as I love the holidays there are parts of it that are pretty annoying to this Migrainista.

- LED lights are obnoxiously bright compared to the soft glow of traditional Christmas lights. While I can control what lights shine in my own house I don't have any say over the rest of the world, who seem to be moving more and more towards this energy efficient option. Not so good for the head.

- Salvation Army bell ringing. Don't get me wrong, I fully support the Salvation Army and their annual Christmas campaign. What I hate is being forced to walk through the ear assaulting ringing to get into the grocery store when my head is already pounding. Not so good for the head.

- Scented candles and such EVERYWHERE. Seems like everywhere I go this time of year strong scents are are there to assault my nose. It used to be just the mall but now it's at the drug stores, grocery stores and even big box stores. I'm sure they intend to get shoppers in the mood with this simple tool but it's not so good for the head.

Basically the holidays present a full on assault of the senses, which makes going out in public an even bigger challenge than it usually does for me. 


  1. oh how true about those scented candles!!! It is so not good for my head either. I also think that the bell ringing hurts my head too!

    I do hope you have a good season despite the extra senses!


    1. Thanks Heather! I hope the same for you as well.

  2. Those LED lights kill my eyes! They are so very sensitive. I hope you don't come into contact with too many of them, or too many bell ringers or scented candles either!

  3. OMG you so pegged it for me about it all-those lights, those blasted bells and those evil, evil smelly candels!!! It's bad enough during the normail season when you can avoid the "small" isle of scented candels but during the holidays they are all over the place and everywhere you turn it's like they are coming out of the woodwork like the evil wicked candlemaker has waved his magic wand and set them loose on your tail and they chase you everywere!! YUCK. And all those scents combined together, such a sensory overload combined with the bells, the loud music, scents, people wearing a whole bottle of cologne clashing with their body wash and scented lotion, kids screaming, bright overhead lights, heat turned up high you melt in your shoes and go outside and freeze because it's 30 degrees. Not a happy time of year for Migrainers-too many obstacles to dodge. Is it January 1st yet????