Monday, November 5, 2012

The "Busy" Weekend.

This past weekend was rather exhausting. We had plans on Saturday with my husband's side of the family so I showered, did my hair, put on some light make-up, got properly dressed and had lovely food and conversation. After which I was quite worn out and in pain. 

Sunday we went to Penney's and had our pictures taken. We actually had intended to do it last month for our 5 year anniversary but the timing just didn't work out. So again I showered, did my hair, put on a little more make-up, got properly dressed, had our pictures taken and had to make all kinds of decisions about which poses and how many, etc. After which I was quite worn out and in pain.

I feel such a sense of relief that the pictures are finally done and now I'm just excited to get them back. We've never really had our pictures taken before but I think we'll start doing this every year from now on. It might be fun to look back and see how we change over the years. 

Waking up this morning I was relieved to not have any plans. I took a shower, put my comfy clothes on and am doing what I can around the house and recovering from the busy (for me) weekend. The word busy has taken on a whole new meaning over the past 6 years. I think most of the world would see my weekend as slow and relaxing. Heck, I would have seen it that way back in the day.


  1. Isn't it amazing that a simple outing is so draining? I always come home and take a nap lol.

    You will love to look back and see the changes in yourselves over the years. I look back at mine and hubby's first pics together, and family photos with our kids and have to laugh. Good memories!

  2. I hope you are having a relaxing day today!!!