Monday, August 26, 2013

Running Out Of Patience

We've been waiting patiently for 4 weeks now. As anxious as we are for the house build to begin, permits from the city to do so are an absolute must have beforehand. We were told by the builders that it would take 2 to 4 weeks probably closer to 4 because the city has been slower than usual due to lots of storm damage from the spring. Ever since that day we counted on that time frame, looking forward to that call from the builder saying they could finally break ground.

Okay, in hindsight we probably shouldn't have counted so heavily on their time estimate because they have absolutely no control over it. The city has our applications and whenever they get around to it is when they get around to it. We are not privy to any information about how far behind they are, or how understaffed they are, or how many people are on vacation, or any other possible contributing factors. There is nobody to complain to, nobody who can help speed things up.

Even though this has been the reality of the situation for the past 4 weeks and 3 days, our faith in that time estimate lead to some big time disappointment when that 4 week mark came and went. Gone is that wonderful patience I felt. I'm still looking forward to that call but feeling a little like this may have all been a dream.

Now I just look longingly at the pictures we have of our lot, trying to imagine the house that is to come, at some unknown time in the future. It's driving me crazy. I need things to start moving forward here.

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