Monday, March 17, 2014

More Misinformation on Migraines From Dr. Oz

Dr Oz is at it again - spreading misinformation about migraines. He did a segment on treating chronic pain last week. The first part of the segment he was promoting some natural remedy to treat people who suffer with chronic pain of all sorts. The second part of the segment was on treating migraines. He had a woman there who said that she had 2-3 migraines a week. He then did a quick graphic showing how migraines are caused by the dilation and contraction of the blood vessels in the brain. He then went on to suggest that this woman and all those who suffer from migraines could prevent the migraines by just taking a magnesium supplement. Oh - Dr Oz- SHAME ON YOU!

It is shameful that he would perpetuate this outdated information instead of doing his homework and presenting actual facts on migraines - AGAIN. You may remember I posted about a segment on his show where he perpetuated myths about migraines back in April of 2013. I had wanted to provide a link to his website video of that segment but they didn't post it. Interestingly enough, this latest video segment is also missing from their website. Can't be a coincidence.

This overt lack of accuracy has pushed me over the edge with Dr. Oz. I simply can't put any faith in anything he has to say at this point. Clearly he and his staff are not concerned enough about facts for him to be a trusted resource beyond his specific area of practice as a heart surgeon. I won't be tuning in again.


  1. I have watched Dr. OZ one other topics and was skeptical because the guest he has on never say the same thing on the health issue. Only sad thing about this people who do not suffer from chronic migraine are now going say you don't use magnesium. Dr Oz says it cures migraine. You must not care to prevent them. Well us migraine suffers know better but people do not believe us.

  2. I do distrust what he has to say on so many issues because you are right, he doesn't do his research and neither does his staff.