Monday, March 10, 2014

Some Quick Make Up Tricks To Look "Normal"

Way back in June I wrote about the things I do to look like a "normal person" and promised that I would show you pictures. Okay, so it took me WAY to long to follow through but, here I am, keeping my promise.

First, this is me with nothing on my face but lotion. These are not great pictures. It is hard to capture the dark circles and then see them in these small pictures.

The lowest level of the fake is just applying a little bit of eye brightener. I use Revlon eye brightener/primer and put just a little bit under my eyes and on my lids. This quick easy step makes me look more awake and well rested.

The next level of the fake is doing the eye brightener and a little bit of blush. Adding that color is a really subtle addition but I think it helps brighten the face and again make me look healthier. See below.

The final level of the fake is putting on the eye brightener, the blush and a bit of eye liner. I don't want to spend the time putting on mascara and then having to remove it but I find the eye liner to be an quicker, easier way to bring a little pop to my eyes and make me appear a bit more polished. See below.

The difference between the three levels of the fake are subtle (even more subtle in the pictures). I don't have the time, energy, health or desire to fuss with lots of make up. I simply want to employ a trick or two when I actually feel up to going out in the world so I look a little more normal and a little less sick. The whole thing only takes a couple minutes. What's funny is that when I use these tricks before going to see my doctor I always hear "well you look like you are feeling much better" but I never hear that when I don't. For me, that says it all.

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  1. I think I might have heard about Revlon's eye brightener here on your site. It would have been some time ago - well, I bought some and now I swear by it! I like that your look is simple, effective, and doesn't take much time. It's all good.