Tuesday, April 22, 2014

An Attempt To Find A Pattern To My Migraines

As I begin my 2nd day of recovery from the busy holiday weekend with my family I'm spending some time thinking about how my body did. Despite having a migraine on Saturday that took me out about two hours into our party, I did surprisingly well. As much as I would like to think it was due to my advance preparations, I think the fact that so far April has been a relatively "good" month in terms of migraines frequency is probably the actual reason.

While these "good" months are not all that frequent they do happen at least once a year for reasons completely unknown to me. I'm not doing anything different, it doesn't happen on the same month or at consistent intervals, but each time it happens I am filled with a renewed hope that the tide is turning and better days are ahead. Of course, it never does last. Again, for reasons completely unknown to me my migraines always return to their usual frequency. Then there are the months that are especially bad, feeding my fears that my migraines are getting worse and I'm not managing them well at all. Funny how fickle the emotional side of chronic illness can be.


As hard as I've worked over the past 4 years since I started tracking my migraines, to figure out a pattern, none have emerged. At times it seems like a pattern is developing but as soon as that happens it changes. This consistent inconsistency leads me to believe in the complexity of chronic migraines. There must be more than one cause and multiple complicating factors. No wonder it is so hard to manage and nearly impossible to prevent.

The mystery continues, as does the tracking and the hope that some day I will figure out what the heck is going on. If nothing else, the puzzle can only serve to help keep my mind sharp.

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