Thursday, April 17, 2014

Preparing Myself for a Busy Holiday Weekend

Lists are made and items are being checked off. Things look (and feel) a bit chaotic but are slowly coming together. I'm exhausted. My hands and legs are flaring - that pesky fibromyalgia pain. My muscles tension has kicked up several gears and has turned painful. My migraine has been waxing and waning for the last week or so - more waxing than waning over the past couple of days.
All of this to say, I'm getting ready for house guests. With several family members in town for the holiday weekend we are going to be having a party Saturday night to show everyone the new house and enjoy the company of one another. I absolutely love, love gathering with my family. They are a fun bunch and it has been a long time since I've seen many of them. 

As you can imagine, no matter how much I love being with my family and how much I'm looking forward to it, I have my health to consider as I prepare to host a party for 12 and hopefully participate in the big Sunday brunch and be a good host to my mom, who will be staying at our house. Here are the precautions I'm taking in hopes of maximizing my ability to function and enjoy this time. 

1. We're going to just order pizza on Saturday night. I can't commit to cooking for 12 and then expect to function at all the rest of the night, let alone be up for activities on Sunday. Plus I don't have seating for 12 people for a proper dinner party. Pizza is finger food that can be easily consumed from the couch or wherever. 

2. I've been slowly accomplishing things on my to-do-list for more than a week now so that I wouldn't have to try (and certainly fail) to get it all done in the final couple days.

3. I will have a couple things on my list for Friday but I'm going to do everything I can to rest as much as possible during the day before my mom arrives. I know I need that down time to prepare my body for the noise, activity and excitement of the weekend. 

4. When my mom leaves on Monday I'm planning to just crash. It doesn't matter if I'm having fun or not, that much activity is going to take me out. All of my fingers and toes are crossed that it won't take me out until after everyone has left. I don't have any plans for the following week so I can take as much time as needed to recover. 

5. I'm going to remember to stay hydrated and listen to my body as much as possible. If I'm not up to something I know my mom will help out - gladly. I must remember that everyone will understand if I have to excuse myself from the festivities. My mantra is: No matter how things go with my health - it will be okay. I say it to myself 3 times every time I start to get anxious about all the ways my body can fail me and ruin my fun. 

Now I must get back to my to-do-list. 
Happy Easter to you all!

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  1. you will do great! you have spread out the work so it won't be overdone. I hope you enjoy the time with your mom. Pizza sat night is perfect! It is a great plan. I like how you have planned your rest in on monday. I am lucky as this year I am going to my best friend's parents house with her and her family so I don't have to do anything except show up! I opted out of the early church service as I need to rest for the activity of the day. I know I won't be staying too late as I will be needing to come home and rest but I know that they totally understand my health limitations. it is so nice when you go somewhere and they do. If I need to rest while I am there, I can too, which is also nice but I have not had to do that ever so I figure I probably won't but it is nice to know that is an option.