Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The House is Decked Out For Christmas

Christmas is in full swing around here. After missing out on my usual Christmas festivities last year because of the move, I am especially enthusiastic about our first full holiday season in the new house.

I never met a Christmas tree I didn't love. Everything from the sad little Charlie Brown trees to the fake pink or white trees, from the tall skinny trees to the short stout ones, from the table top trees to the great big yard trees - I love them all. This year I have a total of 6 trees. That number will continue to grow over the years.

#1 Our living room tree.
#2 This little tree on the left is in the main hallway. 
#3, 4 & 5 These three trees in the dining room.
#6 This table top tree is also in the living room.

Can't forget to add a little festive decor to the dining room light fixture.
I'm also a huge fan of nutcrackers. Although seeing him this year I can't help but think he needs two additional nutcracker friends of different sizes to stand stand with him - don't you think?

Our main tree in the living room and the fireplace are my favorite. I always do multi-colored lights - never LED because those hurt my eyes - and decorate with traditional items. I love a themed space and will likely do that in the future in other rooms but not here. I've been slowly growing a collection of ornaments since I first moved out on my own at 18 years of age. Each year I add an ornament that either has some meaning or that I especially love. Some years we've even received them as gifts. Wherever they come from, however mismatched they may be, they are all special to me. I just love sitting in the dark, looking at the glowing tree. 

I added a wreath to this small nook just off the living room.

Gypsy wanted to get in on the photo shoot. She thinks all pictures are better when she is in them. I tend to agree.

We hadn't planned on doing any outdoor decorations this year but then all the other houses in our cul de sac decorated. Feeling some pressure not to look like the area Grinch we put out this wreath. Okay, so this doesn't really rise to the level of our neighbors but we can't exactly invest much in outdoor decorations this year after Gypsy's surgery and such. Maybe next year.

My philosophy has always been to slowly grow my Christmas collection. Now that we are settling into our home for the long haul, I've started making plans for what additions I'd like to make in the years to come. I just love this time of the year so much. The colors, the lights, the smells, the music, the wrapping of gifts and eating the wonderful treats...

Merry Christmas friends!


  1. Everything looks lovely!!!!! Especially with Gypsy in the pictures! Peony feels the same way. A picture always looks better with her in it!


    1. Thanks Heather :) Looks like we're all on the same page here - we must be correct.