Sunday, March 15, 2015

Big Plans Ahead and a Big Surprise in the Basement

Spring has barely begun and already I have a very long list of projects around the house both inside and out. A list long enough that I'm certain we won't be able to get through. No problem. We'll do what we can and everything else will keep.

Most of our projects are labor intensive and require both prior research/prep and all of our hands. I know, it doesn't actually sound all that tricky but between my chronic health crap and hubby's job and the classes he is taking finding the precious time and energy to get things done is actually pretty hard.

This weekend we added another project to our list. A project that has received top priority, in fact it will done later today. See, we found a dead snake in our basement stuck on one of the glue boards we put down to catch insects.

As you can see the snake isn't the only creepy 
thing to get stuck on this glue board.

Oh, it's so creepy. SOOOOO CREEPY!

The very thought of a snake in our house... Well, I have so many questions. Where did it enter? How long has it been there? Are there others? Is there a whole nest? Have any made their way to the main level? Is this something we will ever be able to prevent from happening again?

I know we have snakes in our yard. Heck, we live right next to woods and a hill full of tall grass. We have all kinds of wildlife and have taken preventative actions to keep them away from our house and garage. Obviously, not enough. The exterior is about to be inspected with a fine tooth comb for even the smallest of openings. I've been reading up on it and apparently they can fit through an opening as small as 1/8" and it can be very hard to prevent them from coming in.

On the bright side - if there is a bright side to this development - the glue board caught him and he died. That's definitely better than going down there and happening upon the live version when moving a storage bin or, worse, finding a live one in the kitchen. Of course, that could still happen. We don't know if there are more or not.

All of this is to say that I may not be able to blog quite as much as usual this spring. I will still be blogging as often as I can but these projects will be a drain on my mental and physical energy.

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