Monday, September 7, 2015

Vacation Recovery

I'm currently in vacation recovery mode. 
We stopped at small town in Iowa called Swedisburg
to stetch and snag a picture in front of this
giant dala horse. Gypsy is in my arms but hard to see.

Hubby and I drove up to Wisconsin to spend some time with my mom and sister for a couple days.  It's always so nice to see them but even better when my body cooperates, which it did. I managed to participate in some fun both days we were there. My mom and I painted pottery, I saw my sisters new house and had lunch with an old friend at my favorite restaurant. 

It was exhausting, of course, but totally worth it. 

The drive home was a different story. The whole thing takes us about 8 hours with stops for food, gas and stretching. This is always pretty tough but it was even tougher yesterday because of the sun. The entire way home we were facing the blazing, bright, scorching sun. Our laps and arms cooking without the kindness of clouds or other shades. The air conditioning kept us cool enough but no amount of that or sunglasses can prevent a migraine when spending that much time in the sun. 

By the time we got home I was already well on my way to a nasty migraine. I took my rescue meds and had a good night sleep but the meds are wearing off now and the pain is advancing. 

Nothing unexpected about needing some time to recovery after a trip. No matter how much strategy goes into planning and no matter how low-pressure the trip, the simple truth is that traveling is SUPER HARD on me. That's why we only do it once a year and try to keep it short.

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