Monday, October 26, 2015

Relieved to Not Be Moving

Another new house was completed last week, which means we had new neighbors moving in over the weekend. I always feel something close to hope when new people move in. I'm so curious about who they are and what kind of neighbors they will be.

Inevitably, watching people move reminds me of that oh so familiar feeling. You know what it's like - everything in boxes, trying to adjust to a new place, struggling to do things like eat or get dressed because your stuff isn't unpacked. It's just such an unsettled feeling, especially for someone who relies on routine. Everything about moving is hard and, between packing, moving and unpacking, it disrupts life for a fairly long period of time.

As I watched the new family move in, I could feel that feeling and just as it threated to stress me out and I remembered I'm not the one moving. We are nice and settled in. The house is still not done but we are far from that just moved in state.

The whole weekend ended up feeling like a celebration of NOT MOVING. We watched a disc of Homeland, played some games, drank hot tea, I cut a bunch of fabric in preparation for some sewing this week, we walked the dog and even had a firepit. It was a lovely weekend.

I was actually feeling relieved that it was them and not us who were moving. Such a silly thought to even have. I suppose it speaks to how weary I am from all the moving we've done over the past decade and how much I hate doing it.

Now we wait to learn about them and see what kind of neighbors they end up being.

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