Monday, May 9, 2016

3 Ways Texting Can Help Migraineurs

When I finally started texting about 3 years ago (yep, it actually took me that long to get on the bandwagon) I didn't expect that it would make my life easier but that's exactly what has happened. Once I got into it, I realized that it allowed me to communicate with people in a migraine friendly fashion, which has increased my socialization and helped me to communicate with people better. 

Over the years I've come to rely heavily on texting. In fact, I now believe that this the most migraine friendly form of communication. Here are the top 3 ways texting is helpful to this migraineur.

1. Texting allows me to respond in my own time. If I'm in a lot of pain and just don't feel well enough to talk, I can wait to respond to a text when I feel up to it. This also allows me the opportunity to communicate that I'm not feeling well but will get back to you. 

2. Texting allows my brain time to think and compose my thoughts. Sometimes I don't feel well enough to talk because of my brain fog but I do feel well enough to take my time and respond to a text. This way I still get to enjoy an interaction and stay in touch with friends and family.

3. Texting is a pressure free environment. Communicating in real time is wonderful - no doubt about it - but it can also be challenging for me. Sometimes my brain gets stuck or the environment becomes overwhelming (too many people, too much noise, etc) and that can make responding in real time difficult for me. Texting saves me from the frustration and embarrassment of my migraine/fibromyalgia ravaged brain. All of this by simply removing the pressure of an immediate verbal response required in a normal conversation.

Living with chronic pain is quite hard, which is why I'm always thrilled when I discover a way to make life a little easier. I'm so thankful for a unlimited texting! Wouldn't want to go without.

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