Friday, July 8, 2016

Another Disappointing New Doctor Appointment

So I had an appointment with a potential new primary care doc last week. So here is how it went:

- I like the gal who works in the office, unfortunately it is just her and the doc in that office so they are very busy. However I did overhear that they are trying to hire a 2nd office person.

- It became obvious almost immediately that she didn't understand migraines, forcing me to field all manner of asinine questions, like "did you know there are lots of preventative medications available that you should try?" Gosh, what a thought, after 10 years that never occurred to me or a single other doctor I've ever seen to try a preventative. How about asking me what I've tried instead. That might be a more respectful approach.

- She then tried pushing Amitriptyline on me to prevent my migraines. I explained that I had tried it before and not only was it ineffective but it also caused a couple of troubling side effects. She said I should try it again because sometimes after a few years something that didn't work will suddenly become effective. I told her I wasn't interested. What I didn't say was that she was never going to be allowed to treat my migraines because she is not at all qualified. THEN, in the contest of talking about my fibromyalgia, she again suggested I try Amitriptlyline because it was effective for treating that. I again declined. She said I should think about it and I have. Trouble is, the more I think about it the more angry I get that she wasn't listening to me.

I'm trying to be understanding, after all she is a doctor and when someone like me presents with all kinds of medical issues the natural reaction is to try to treat the conditions. But all I wanted her to do was help me with my back and help look after the big picture. I just want her to be a PCP - leave the rest to the specialists and myself. BUT at the same time, she was making suggestions without asking any basic questions about what I've tried and where things stand. AND she clearly wasn't listening or being respectful about the things I was saying.

All of this has me longing for my old doc, my wonderful old doc of 3 months who totally got it and just wanted to be a great PCP for me. I deserve to have a great doc like that for more than 3 months.

Worst of all, I'm still in limbo with my back. She ordered an MRI and the office gal said I needed to call my insurance first to see where I can go. When I did that, I was also told that I needed to get a prior authorization so I would have to call the doc back and have them call the insurance company. So I did that, but I was forced to leave a message with the doc's office because the single office gal was busy when I called. That was Tuesday morning and I have not heard anything since. She may have gotten my message and started the 2 week long process of prior authorization or maybe this isn't a priority. Who knows. Maybe this isn't the right place for me.

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  1. I love when they take all my drug and supplement info, and look at it, and then ask me if I'm taking magnesium (which, dude, I *just* told you that). "Oh, that's very good for migraines and muscle spasms." "Yep. I'm taking the maximum dosage." "Oh." It's funny, but it's not....