Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Last Attempt To Obtain Relief

Well, after trying absolutely everything else to relieve the pain in my feet, I went ahead and did the thing I was scared to do. I got cortisone injections in both feet. 

Seems silly for someone who lives with chronic pain to be afraid of getting painful injections. But people were describing these injections as mind blowing, take-my-breath-away pain and I couldn't imagine doing that to myself. So I tried everything else my podiatrist had to offer first and since I wasn't making much progress I finally decided it was time. All this pain is getting to me. It has been so long since I took a step or stood up without pain. I figured I could endure the painful injections if it meant I had a chance at relief.

So Tuesday morning I went in and had it done. It wasn't terrible. It hurt but it wasn't as bad as I had been hearing. Then again, my experience might have been a little better because it didn't go deep into a joint but rather she spread it along the metatarsal area. The injection also included lidocaine so by the time I left my feet were numb, which was weird. I went right home and put my feet up and have carefully followed the doctor's instructions to rest and ice my feet. 

I was told that the pain would be worse for the first 48 hours (and it has been) but then it would start to feel better. It has now been 46.5 hours and I'm starting to worry. The pain from the cortisone has begun to wane but I have not yet experienced the original pain going with it. 

I need this to work. Have any of you had cortisone shots? What was your experience?

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