Friday, November 25, 2016

Getting Back on the Medication Roller Coaster

Well, I've officially gotten back on the medication roller coaster. I officially got off the migraine prevention medication roller coaster back in 2013 because I couldn't take dealing with all the side effects and never seeing any benefit. Well my reasons were a bit more complex than that but you can read the link if you want more information. 

I'm getting back on now because of the pain I'm having in my hands and feet. So far we've ruled out any kind of autoimmune, inflammatory or arthritis causes. Everyone feels confident that I'm having nerve pain. The only question now is this nerve pain due to nerve damage (neuropathy), or is this a severe increase in my fibromyalgia pain. 

The medications used to treat both conditions are the same and all of them are ones that I've tried before either for migraine prevention or fibro pains. I've had bad reactions to some of them and the others were ineffective. 

Still, I don't mind trying all of them again because severe pain in the hands and feet is quite disabling and very difficult to cope with. Plus, it's possible it will go better now. Just because they didn't work for migraine prevention, doesn't mean it won't work for nerve pain. The ones I did take for my fibro pain I didn't stay on because the side effects outweighed any benefit I was getting. But the pain is so much worse and more relenting now. 

I'm hopeful that I won't have the awful side effects I had before and that one of these medications will step up and provide some relief. 

I'm thankful that my primary care doc got me started on one while I wait for my neurology appointment. 

Yesterday I stepped on the nerve pain medication roller coaster feeling cautious and hopeful as I took the most daunting of all the medications - gabapentin. Last time I took it (migraine prevention) it gave me terrible nerve pain. 

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