Thursday, May 16, 2013

Getting Off the Medication Rollercoaster

In these next three months before I see my migraine specialist he has me trying yet another new preventative medication: Depakote. Before heading to the pharmacy to pick up my pills I decided to look at the drug information online so I could be better prepared to ask questions of the pharmacist. Yep, I'm one of those people who always reads the drug info before starting a new prescription. I've had some strange reactions to meds in the past and just feel better being aware from the start.

The doc has been exceedingly clear about the seriousness of preventing pregnancy while on on this medication. Now he wasn't comfortable prescribing any preventive medications at all until he knew we were not actively trying to get pregnant, but for this he wanted us to be actively trying to prevent pregnancy. Now that we are doing that, I thought I was ready to give it a try. Until I read the drug info.

The list of side effects is daunting. They are always daunting but this time if feels unacceptable. I'm tired of trying all these meds. It's been 7 years of trying new drugs - 7 years! Not one of them has prevented a damn thing. What they HAVE done is dry my mouth out to the point that I'm regularly getting cavities, make me constipated, scrambled my thinking, cause new pains, make me light headed, make my extremities tingle, made me lethargic, mess with my mental state and who knows what kind of internal damage has been done.

I think I may be done with this.

I don't want to give up but I don't want to keep doing this to myself. I no longer have faith that these medications can offer me any kind of relief from my migraines. Even if they did, they have ALL caused new problems and I don't want to live like that.

I'm sort of feeling like my time and energy would be better focused on meditation, acupuncture, massage and therapy. Maybe if I can get myself to a more centered place I will either feel better or be better prepared to try more medications.

Have any of you ever reached a point where you decided to stop trying new preventative medications?


  1. yes, i am getting to that point. I am tired of all the side effects and the weight gain! I was heavy enough but wow, between lyrica and amitricytlin, I have gained 100 pounds! I also have issues with dry mouth. I am looking into alternatives too.


  2. I am tired of stuff just not working and then doctors not wanting to take me off of it. I am tired of something working and yet being so laden with extreme side effects that I can't function that way either. Yet, I yearn for the headache free and I contemplate the insanity during that time period as maybe "acceptable". Tired of doctors not having enough time or being uppity or asking if I've tried excedrin. Tired. My fiancé is going through something similar except more extreme than I. If I am tired, he is flattened.