Monday, May 6, 2013

Breakfast Woes

I'm one of those people who needs breakfast. Waking hungry each morning, I can't go much more than an hour without getting shaky and consumed with thoughts of food. Even after eating something, I'm sure to be hungry again right around 10:00 am. This is the way it's always been. These days, getting that breakfast is doubly important because my migraines can be triggered when I let my body get that super hungry feeling.
Over the past couple of weeks breakfast has become a big problem as I've grown sick of the foods I normally eat. The usual cereal, bagels or toast are just not cutting it. At first, I tried to switch out the cereal I was eating. Unable to find anything that is both healthy-ish and tasty, I tried changing up my bagel toppings. The failure of this effort coupled with my unwillingness to eat meat has left me a bit lost. Eggs are out of the question because I can't handle the smell.  

I need breakfast to remain quick and easy like cereal and bagels. Lunch and dinner are more than enough work for this chronically pained and tired body. I'm considering a couple paths. Path one, rethinking breakfast entirely and eating the same kind of foods I normally eat for lunch and dinner. My concern with this plan is that it will quicken the inevitable tiring of my lunch and dinner fare. The biggest challenge would be the added time and effort needed to prepare. Path two, trying an oatmeal base with varied fruit additions. My concern with this plan is that the heat of oatmeal is hard to even think about during the long hot summer months. The biggest challenge would be getting enough variety in the fruits, especially during the winter months. 

Maybe I'll start with plan two, the oatmeal/fruit first. Unless you have any other suggestions...what do you do for breakfast?


  1. Try the lunch/dinner food just to see how it works. Maybe a higher protein breakfast might help you feel better in general. Low blood sugar is a definite trigger for me and I really need protein with every meal.

    Smoothies are another option if you can handle the noise of the blender. It is easy to keep a variety of frozen fruits on hand, and you can toss in spinach with almost no effect on the flavor.

    My sister eats yogurt with some granola and fruit on it.

    I can't eat peanuts (migraines) but I'm finding I love and can eat almond butter.

  2. My latest quick cereal is called "Qi'a, by Natures Path. It's basically just a bunch of seeds: chia, buckwheat, and hemp. I add my own homemade almond milk, maybe a little yogurt, fruit (frozen in the winter), and a little maple syrup. Pretty tasty with all that on it.

  3. Great ideas! Thank you to Susan and Candy!