Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gypsy's Surgery

Our sweet chihuahua, Gypsy has struggled with allergies and an overactive anal glands since she first joined our family last summer. We're starting to get a handle on the allergies but the anal gland issue has become much worse in the last 6 weeks to where they spontaneously leak every other day.

If you have never had the uniquely disgusting experience of smelling anal glad fluid, I envy you. It has a putrid rotting fish smell, and it only takes a tiny drop or two to stink up an entire room. Between the leaking that has taken place over the last few weeks on the carpet and the couch there is absolutely no escaping the smell. Couple that with the fact that I can't clean it away means really bad things for me and my migraines. And, as you fellow migrainistas know, chronic migraines have left me with an extremely good sense of smell and strong odors can wreak havoc on my level of pain and nausea.

Before we go replacing the couch and carpets, we need to take care of the anal gland problem. Unfortunately, the only solution is to have them removed. As I type, my sweet little puppy love is in surgery. I know it needs to be done and all but I'm a mess. The thought of her being scared, or in pain, or even a little uncomfortable makes me so sad. I wish I could spend the entire day right by her side. I wish she could wake up in my arms. I can hardly wait for the vet to call to let me know how the surgery went and when I can come back and pick her up. I wish none of this needed to happen.

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