Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Preparing for Migraine Awareness Month

With hubby back at work today Gypsy and I are on our own. Thankfully, the vet says that today (5 days out) is really a turn around day. Her pain and discomfort should be better and she should have more energy and be more herself. Thankfully, her bruising has gone down, she's not having any fecal incontinence, and she's pooping and peeing each visit outside. All things considered she's doing really well. A week from now she'll be getting those stitches out and soon after life should return to normal - a moment we are all looking forward to.

In the meantime I will be spending the entire week on the couch, keeping a close eye on her and preparing for migraine awareness month, which is just 4 days away. This year I'm going to participate in the blogging challenge AND post articles and facts about migraines on my personal facebook page. You may remember, earlier in the month, my post To Share Or Not To Share, as I considered doing this despite my fears of having my actual identity "publicly" connected to chronic migraines.  Well, I have decided to go ahead with it. 

I'm really looking forward to this year's activities and seeing all the great posts, pictures and articles. Will you be participating in any of the activities this year?

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