Thursday, May 2, 2013

To Share or Not To Share?

I've been thinking about doing something kinda bold. I'm thinking about taking the month of June to educate my friends and family about chronic migraines. Doesn't exactly sound terribly bold, does it? Here's why I classify it as such. After 7 years of living with chronic migraines basically all my friends and family know I have it but none of them really understand what it is, or how it really impacts my life (except for one unfortunate cousin who has also fallen victim to it). Not wanting to make a big thing of it, I've considered doing regular links on my personal facebook page, throughout the month of June, to great articles and blog posts (not mine) that talk about various aspects of the disease.

I've been very careful throughout the years to keep my real identity separate from my public battle with chronic pain for two reasons. One, I don't want any future potential employers or insurance companies to know about this. Two, I know I wouldn't feel free to be truly honest about the many ugly aspects of living like this if my friends and family were reading. 

For these reasons I'm questioning whether or not this is actually a good idea. As much as I want to share these things I still fear that this could somehow open me up to future discrimination. Then again, I have every reason to believe that these migraines are here to stay so sharing information with people in my world could be a really positive thing. Besides all my facebook settings are for friends only so it's not like just anybody could just look at things I post. Maybe I'm being overly paranoid about this. 

I want to be bold here. What do you think?

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