Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Taking the House Off the Market

Hubby and I have decided to take our house off the market and stay put. We were unable to find a house we loved, in the area we wanted to be, at a price that made sense for us. 
I'm glad to no longer have strangers coming through our house. People are not always respectful. One person left an oil stain on our driveway. Another one picked up and dropped an insect trap in our basement, somehow getting the super sticky glue onto the cement, walking through it and spreading it all around. A couple of them left lingering perfume. No good.

Plus, it'll be wonderful to no longer spend all that time and energy prepping the house and looking at houses. No more inconvenient showings. No packing or unpacked. None of this was migraine of fibro friendly. 

Life is returning to normal, now with the comfort of knowing we are presently in the optimal situation. 

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