Monday, September 13, 2010


So we've decided not to move. I was pretty excited at the thought of getting out of this apartment and having more space but it stopped making sense over the course of the last week and now I'm excited about the new plan. The new plan is to go through all of stuff in storage and decide what we really need or want to keep and what can we sell. The stuff we're going to keep we hope to find enough room for in the apartment so we can just do away with the storage unit.

I'm excited to downsize and I'm excited to save money. Two very wonderful things if you ask me. I absolutely love the idea of living simply with super maximized smaller spaces. To my surprise I've even been thinking about designs that would fit our life and the ideals of simplicity and space economy. This move feels like a good step in the right direction to that end.

Plus this is a great excuse to spend more time at my favorite store in the world, IKEA.


  1. Luv IKEA, none even close to where I live... Used to watch that TV show, Small Spaces [I think] fascinated by such clever ways to live in limited space.

  2. I loved the whole process of downsizing and simplifying when we moved into our condo. There's something very liberating about it all. Have fun!

  3. Would you mind if I added you to my blog roll?

  4. My hubby and I have been living a very simple life for years now. It really helps to keep the worry at bay and knowing that you don't have to deal with a lot.