Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More PT

Back to PT again this morning. The exercises they have me doing at home are simple and small movements designed to strengthen my neck. I honestly don't feel like I'm actually doing anything productive but I certainly don't know anything about physical medicine. Instead the real challenge lies in relaxing my muscles between movements and during stretches, and of course being on my back on the floor. This is a good way to spark a migraine.

Yesterday was my first day on my own doing the exercises and I quickly learned that I was going to need to buy a timer. I have 11 exercises that are 30 seconds each. I wasn't able to concentrate on breathing properly, relaxing my muscles and counting evenly. The only timer I have is on the microwave and I will never be able to get up set the microwave timer and get back down in the correct position and properly relaxed in a timely manner. Only to get back up 10 seconds later to reset.


  1. Check and see if your cell phone has a timer one it. I think most have either a timer or at least a stopwatch feature. Just a thought...

  2. Yeah, I poked around my phone but couldn't find one. Then again my phone is old and simple.

  3. do your exercises with the TV on - ads are generally in 30 second intervals!!

    I do some of my exercises on my bed instead of the floor but have noticed a gradual improvement in my endurance in standing without pain. Good Luck!!