Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Short Vent

Isn't medicine supposed to be a science (and an art but mostly science). In theory medicine is to deal with facts, measurable data, quality research, pure motivations...and the like. Somewhere along the line the science has become so muddy with greed and ego I just don't see how we can still consider it so. Of course I understand there are good doctors who still practice the science and art of medicine. Those folks have a mountain in front of them to overcome if they wish to remain that way.

The industries of medicine have gone the way of most industries - massive, corrupt, driven by disguised greed, unconcerned about unintended consequences and human toll. I'm beyond frustrated with insurance, drug companies, hospitals, doctor offices, disconnected services, ignored symptoms, unjustifiably expensive products and services coupled with record profits year after year and a thousand other aspects of medicine.

I'm worried that my pain has gone on so long because of the many dysfunctions of the very industries that I've been depending on to help me. The consequence could be a pain path so strong that I may never recover from - even if the original cause is eliminated.
How are we supposed to navigate all of this? How do we know who to trust? What choice do we have but to trust?


  1. I go with the old XFiles theme: Trust No One.

    I pull my medical records every three months. I coordinate between physicians and nurses because my health providers don't or won't. I follow up with insurance because my health providers don't or won't.

    Once upon a time when I trusted my doctors to do what they should they missed my endometrial cancer until it was the size of a football. When I pulled my records later it had been on ultrasounds, CT scans and xrays for FIVE YEARS and despite numerous complaints by me of unresolved pain and other issues my own PCP (who is not my PCP any longer) had told me there was nothing she could do. My treatment with The Headache was met with similar incompetence. Sure gripes me beyond belief. Occasionally you find someone who is competent and cares and you remember them forever.

  2. Wow, that is really awful WinnyNinny! Sounds like you have the systems down. I know I have a long way to go before I have this all down and can follow everything well enough to cut back on the madness that medicine is stirring inside me.