Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mexican Cravings

My in-laws will be arriving for a visit tomorrow morning so I've been spending a good amount of time and a energy getting the apartment ready. Since our apartment is so small they'll be staying a hotel so there is some wiggle room in how clean and neat things need to be. My body is extra sore because I'm doing all the cleaning tasks I normally do in a week or two in a couple days.

I'm setting an intention for their visit that it will be low key and not very stressful. We'll see...

On a completely unrelated note I'm craving Mexican food with all it's cheesy, fried, sour creamy goodness. Just thinking about it I'm salivating - and I can honestly almost smell it.

Yum! What's your favorite Mexican dish?

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm. Geez, I pretty much love it all! I especially love refried beans with cheese for some reason. I can eat that just by itself and be perfectly happy.