Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Passing Time

The last several days have been full of not much as I'm trying to rest my hand/arm as much as possible. My doc thinks this is just severe inflammation due to the very long drive, which makes sense as it coincided with my drive home. Today is the first day I've noticed a difference - an ever so small amount of improvement in the pain and weakness of the last week.
To occupy my time I'm watching a lot of TV and movies online and on my Roku. Of course, I usually have plenty of time to watch whatever, whenever but I'm actually doing more of that now (hard to believe it was possible). There is still some unpacking and cleaning to do but I just don't want this pain to continue any longer than necessary so I'm just not doing anything that doesn't have to be done. Thankfully my husband doesn't notice or care how things look around the apartment.

The X-Files season 1 has shown up as a Watch Instantly show on Netflix so I thought I'd give it a try. Despite the popularity of it back in the early 90s I just never watched (probably because my parents did). I'm actually getting into it though. The costumes and technology are of course way out of date but I don't mind, it almost feels a little nostalgic.

I'm also getting caught up on all my regular shows that I got so behind on watching during my time in Minnesota. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that not much is going on; watching, sleeping, napping and hey, still showering each morningish.

Do you ever have times like these, when even the usually low level of activity drops lower?

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