Friday, August 27, 2010

Out In The World

Today is a big day for me. I'm putting on make-up and getting dressed to go out in the world and socialize with other people. I'm sore and quite tired, but I don't have a migraine (yet - hopefully it will stay away all day). Mostly when I go out I'm only going to the doctor or to the grocery store and obviously I get dressed to do so, but this is different. I'm going to wear nice clothes, blush, mascara and even some jewelery.

Okay so I'll never look like this model from Mom but I'll feel like it and isn't that what matters?

When I was in Minnesota I had a lot of opportunities to be out and socializing - in addition to being good for my soul it reminded me how much I miss it. Before the pain I used to be a very social person. Being so far away and dealing with these chronic pain issues has just made socializing so difficult and rare.

Thankfully my husband's schedule is going to lighten up as we move into fall so we'll be able to do more stuff together, you know, out in the world.