Saturday, August 14, 2010

PLEASE, I Beg You, Body!

The last several days have just been kicking my butt. I've had a migraine since Monday that I just have not been able to get on top of. For the first couple of days it was okay because this happens when I get my period. The period stuff has since moved on and I feel no better. The nausea that is normally annoying has become a real problem; probably because I just can't bring my pain down enough. I'm at a point that I can barely eat anything because I feel so darn nauseous all the time. A simple car ride can make me feel sick to my stomach. And because the pain just won't go my entire head is on hyper-hyper sensitive mode. When I walk I feel like each step is just a jarring stab into my brain. My neck is in spasm (of course) and it won't be talked into relaxing. My shoulders hurt and that goes all the way down both arms. My jaw is screaming and causing some kind of pain and ringing around the ears. I'm so tired and am certainly getting plenty of sleep but not enough to ease the fatigue. I'm taking all kinds of meds - much more than usual for this unusual situation.

Of course this is Saturday so I am not going to be able to reach my doctor for a couple more days. I'm seriously considering going into the ER just to get a day of relief - some time to function and have fun with my husband. This relentless cycle is like nothing I've experienced since becoming armed with all my meds. I've never taken more than 1 Imitrex in a day, yesterday I took 2, and then another this morning. I rarely take my Zofran but it always used to work, now it is not. I rarely take the Ativan because I don't like the long recovery from it, but I've taken it twice yesterday and today. The Imitrex either has stopped working or something has changed in my head/neck situation that is overriding it.

Despite all the nausea I'm quite hungry. But of course trying to eat when you feel your stomach turning and the room moving and vision blurred - well it just doesn't work. I can't afford to lose any more weight.

Going a bit crazy here. I'm worried about what's going on and I don't want the following week to be as ugly as this one has been. Please please please body don't get worse. I've been working so hard to improve things for us. PLEASE I beg you, body!


  1. You sound like I did last week! Im sorry you are so miserable. Just keep in will go away. Believe me, I know how desperate you are feeling. I was in such a funk last week I thought I'd never pull through. But this week has been better. If you find no relief...go to the hospital. The combo of IV Decadron, DHE, & Depakote worked. Of course the Morphine, Zofran & Ativan also helped!

    Good luck! You're in my thoughts!

  2. Hope either the headache is put to bed along with the nausea & pain or you have been to the er. There is something called status migrainousus (I hope I have it spelled correctly) and it happens when a migraine won't 'complete' and hangs around too long.

  3. I'm in a similar horrible migraine cycle right now. I'm actually going to look into the status status migrainosus that WinnyNinny PooPoo mentioned. I've maxed out on the 2 different meds my doctor has me on for abortive migraine relief, and I'm still taking my preventive med daily. My doctor started me on some sort of 2-day steroid pills that are supposed to stop the migraine, but it's been a week...and possibly the worst pain I've ever had. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.