Monday, August 23, 2010

Something New?

A new and disturbing trend has emerged in the last month or so as my nausea has spread from the days I have a migraine to all days. It is worse than it was before and now also is a daily battle. This is not good for obvious comfort reasons, but I'm more concerned about my weight. I can't lose any more weight and actually need to start putting more of it back on. I have some Zofran in my tool box in case of emergencies so I tried taking on just a regular day to combat the nausea - didn't work.


In other news, our lease is going to be up in mid-November. My husband's office has moved so we are seriously considering moving closer to it. It's not really far but it could make a big difference in the amount of space we can afford, which would have a positive impact on my quality of life. Don't get me wrong I am very thankful for our apartment - it meets all our basic needs and we can afford it. Two very big positives. But we don't have any outdoor space, any privacy, any nice neighbors, etc. So much of our stuff is in storage because the space is just so small. Since I'm home all the time it would just be nice if I could expand my stomping ground, at least to have a small patio or balcony to enjoy all the nice spring and fall days.

I'm already fantasizing about the move. It is by no means a done deal...but I can't help it. After two years in this small apartment I'm just so ready for something else. The search is on - slow as it will be.


  1. I really understand your fight with nausea and weight loss. I'm fighting the same battle. I was small before I got in the accident (5'8", 120lbs), and am currently hovering around 105lbs. I'm literally whithering away. My husband is very concerned about my weight, so he makes sure that I eat, even if it's just crackers and fruit. I have a few "staple" foods that I can normally stomach, so we fall back on those a lot. Good luck fighting the nausea. I'll let you know if I find anything that helps with mine.

  2. Hoping the nausea gets better - zofran in larger doses sometimes makes mine worse if I am not careful. Hoping you get some outdoor space if you need to move. I get claustrophobic in cities!

    Please remember that nausea can be a symptom of other health issues. My pancreatitis causes nausea, as do kidney infections - both of which this I had this summer although I thought the nausea was from The Headache but it didn't go away!

  3. Jamie, I'm a touch shorter but sounds like we are in about the same boat here. I do that same thing with staple foods too. Good luck to you as well. Thanks!

    WinnyNinny, I can't believe it never occured to me that nausea could be something else - it's absolutely overwhelming to consider something else going wrong with me right now. The crap never seems to end...