Monday, August 2, 2010


Ouch! My left hand, wrist and lower arm hurt so much I can barely use it. This has happened before but, after 4 days, it has gone on longer than it ever has before.

When I was at Mayo the docs kept asking me if I have any weakness in them, and after much thought I decided that I wasn't feeling weakness, but now I'm not so sure. I can't hold or carry anything in my left hand with any kind of weight like a glass of water, or a dish, or even a box of cereal. The good thing is that I'm right handed, but even so I really use both my hands and am struggling to do things without my left. Is this weakness? I think it might be.

Why couldn't this have been going on while I was still at Mayo?

I can't help but wonder what could be going on. Does weakness indicate something? Thankfully I'm going to see my neurologist tomorrow. Today I'm just going to try and enjoy my birthday.


  1. Well Happy Birthday!!! Only a week away from mine! =) Hope it is a great, painless day for you! As far as your left arm, if you cannot hold anything, I'd classify that as weakness. Squeeze someone's finger with both hands and see if there is a significant difference. I often experience left arm weakness with severe migraine attacks. old are you today anyways??? =)

  2. Weakness probably does indicate something - glad you are seeing a neuro tomorrow!!!! Happy Birthday - no headaches today, OK?

  3. Thanks ladies! Yesterday was the big 32 for me. Not a totally pain free day, but not a bad pain day either. I'll take it!

  4. A belated Happy Birthday!!! I'm on vacation and haven't been doing much computer time, so I'm late chiming in. Hope it was a good one!