Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nerves About Bed Bugs

I'm totally freaked out about this whole bed bug thing. Seems like we can't go even a week without coverage on one program or another. Thankfully they are not dangerous but they are so very gross and so numerous. EWW!!! My husband and I don't do a whole lot of traveling and spend even less time in hotels so I don't know that we are at a high risk but it also seems like the risk areas are spreading and it really only takes one hitchhiker bug to create a huge problem.

We have planned a short trip to the mountains in October where we and our dog will stay in a cabin. The more coverage I see the more concerned I get about this trip. We'll be smart about it of course and inspect everything before we actually stay. Last night I actually had a nightmare about it. The thing that is stressing me is that we will actually be there before we know if this is going to be a bed bug free environment or not. I don't know what we'll do if there are bugs once we get there. We had to prepay for the stay and I'm certainly not going to stay if there are b.bugs. I don't want to ruin our first vacation in 3 years but we can't afford to just search out and pay for another place to stay.

I'll have to give a call to the rental place and see what their policy is for handling this kind of situation. Better to be prepared...I think that's the only way my mind will be eased. Well, eased about the upcoming trip anyway. I understand that they are a traveling bug, but hopefully that doesn't mean if my neighbor brings it home with them that they could travel into our apartment on their own.



  1. Here's a link I use:

    My Mom said there was a bedbug epidemic in the 1930's, the solution was to put small tin cans of somekind of liquid around the feet of the bed so the bedbugs couldn't crawl up at night.....not many real pesticides then
    eeeek ick.

  2. I am not real fond of those critters either. I, too, am getting more nervous with all the coverage. I inspect our beds frequently (at night when they are supposed to be out) and so far, so good, but I would see what their policy is too. Have fun on the vacation!!!!

  3. I've traveled a fair bit over the past year, and I've been REALLY careful. I don't put my suitcase on any soft surface in the hotel room until I've checked out the bug situation. Only once did I have to leave. I was just as glad, the place was creepy anyway. The staff were very good about it (though the desk clerk didn't seem all that surprised, which was in itself concerning) and even helped me find a room in another hotel.