Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another Bug

Just in time for a mid-winter warm up here in the greater St. Louis area I'm getting sick again. Standing on the starting line I've decided to not take it too seriously unless and until it wipes me out. Normally when I start feeling sick I lay extra low in an attempt to lesson the length and severity of whatever bug has taken hold, especially if there is something big coming up that I want to do. 
Not knowing if this is an effective strategy or not, I've decided to try something different this time. I'm just going to go about business as normal. Well, normal for me anyway with all the pacing and such. So far, as the day has progressed so has the bug. Perhaps there is simply nothing that can be done when getting sick.

On the upside, many shows are starting to run new episodes again: The Bachelor, Daily Show, Revenge, Downton if only Mad Men would come back.

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